At the end of the “World Trip” in 1974 coming west from Greece I went to Italy to see a my friend Nicola. There in Dec. 1974 Nicola and I picked olives at a wonderful place called Moriano for about a month in the hills of Tuscany.  [Camera Pentax ESII-film]

In 1998 Sue and I took a vacation to Italy and had a great trip, we spent a unsuccessful day trying to find Moriano. (we did not have a good map... next time we will)  [Camera Leica R7-film]


Italy (1974) & 1998 & 2019 (below)

Italy  1974

Italy  1998 - Leica R7 - film

Italy  2019 - Sony aR7 II

In Sept. of 2019 Sue & I with our good friend Mark went to Florence taly. This was a special occasion because I was going to meet my old buddy and pal Nicola and his lovely wife. Indeed it was wonderful to meet-up. They are such great people, Susan, I & Mark were first guest at a very nice dinner party near our hotel, it really doesn’t get much better than a party outside on a warm night in Florence.