Baja 1962


Take a surplus WWII - 4 wheel drive Ambulance,  pack it ...  add 6 guys and head SOUTH.

We stop at our destination: (i think)

GONZAGA BAY   (GPS coordinates 29'48 latitude N ~ 114'23 longitude W)   is one of the most beautiful and pristine destinations in Baja. The fact that it is so difficult to get to has a lot to do with its slow growth. Bahia de Gonzaga is approximately 100 miles south of SAN FELIPE and about 48 tough miles south of PUERTECITOS. The road south from Puertecitos has long had a reputation for being one of the worst roads in Baja. Despite the significant road grading provided by the Mexican government in the 1980's, this road is still very intimidating to all but the most seasoned Baja travelers.  ok ...well think what is was like in 1962.

Cast:  Jerry Buckman, Bob Buckman, Bobby Jason, Mike Clardy, Tom Lutes, & me.

This trip could be the real reason things turned out the way they did for me.

During the second half of the 20th century Baja gradually started to become a destination of it's own. People looking for adventure in a natural setting were drawn to Baja and gradually the Peninsula became a great escape for those who wanted to really get away. Those years from the late 1940's through the early 1970's were called Baja's "Golden Years" by Baja author Gene Kira.  Via: Chuck Chambers (aka Carlos Fiesta) I have no idea who this guy is but check out his Baja trip.


Afternoon at the beach 1962, San Diego to GONZAGA BAY